Manager of Ob Anggen Schools

Ob Anggen operates 4 campuses in 3 different highland villages.  The Manager works under the Director overseeing the 3 elementary school campuses.  This job description can be shaped specifically to the individual or individuals who take on the role.  First please watch


1.       Implement the Vision and Core Values of Ob Anggen under the direction of the director. 

  •   International standard of Christian education in remote highland villages that

  •   empowers the family and

  •   transforms the community. 

  •   The children are the resilient agents of change we prepare to break their family cycle of poverty. 


2.       The success of Ob Anggen rises and falls on discipleship community.  The first management role is to ensure the spiritual health of each campus.

  •   Growth Groups, Fun Nights, Good Gossip, Victory Stories and Positive Affirmation.

  •   Accountability, Boundaries and Guidelines for purity are being maintained.

  •   Personal and corporate fellowship, worship and growth are being maintained.

  •   Failure is an opportunity we handle with gracious consequences to restore rather than punish/banish.


3.  Professional development.

  •   Professional evaluations to help each staff strengthen their areas of weakness for leaders, teachers, dorm and support staff.

  •   Ensure Specialized trainings according to staff needs.  Weekly, start and mid semester as well as individualize development. 

  •   Help recruit and overseeing training for new staff.

  •   Empower the principals and trainers to achieve specific goals to reach the international standard.

  •   Find and implement new and creative development methods.


4.       Academic.

  •   Implementation of the curriculum style and standards of Ob Anggen.

  •   Manage Academic Targets.  Make sure that all 3 elementary schools are standardized and 6th grade graduates are ready to be in one classroom in junior high.

  •   Work to improve and find creative solutions to all academic issues.


5.       Rules, Policy and Standards.

  •   Implementing the Policy and Procedure, Staff Contracts, Financial Policy, Red Book and expectations of life in community. 

  •   Oversee and mentor staff who have sinned/failed with the goal of restoration.

  •   Oversee and train principals to handle discipline issues for students and staff.


6.       Skills and requirements.

  •   Serious about a life of discipleship in community.

  •   Enjoys a cross cultural, simple, remote and adventurous lifestyle.

  •   Grasps the big picture but skilled at implementing the details.

  •   Embraces the daily challenges understanding the long-term process for change.

  •   Enjoys the success of seeing a well-managed team perform with excellence.

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Principal of Ob Anggen School

Principal Job Description

Understand and commit to Ob Anggen vision to empower staff, students, their families and communities in the belief that we are each made in the image of our Creator God who deeply loves us.  God invites each person to an intimate, life-long relationship with Him. 

 Please Watch First,

General School Administration

Oversee the effective running of the school by working under and communicating with the Manager, leadership team, teachers and staff to:

1.       Model and grow in personal character.

2.       Strive towards the goal of an international standard academic level.

3.       Staff contracts, hiring, discipline and general HR responsibilities.


Model and delegate, support and hold accountable staff who have responsibility for:

1.      Spiritual, maturity, teaching, growth

2.      School accreditation

3.      Curriculum

4.      School finances, accounting practices, student fee payment, parent receipts, etc.

5.      Teacher, staff training

6.      Parent, family, community relations


Work under the accountability of the Manager to stay on Vision, Mission and true to Core Values. 

1.      International Standard of Christian Education

2.      That Empowers the children to be change agents in their families

3.      Who then transform their communities

4.      Work respectfully and directly with community and church leaders



1.      Teach at least one ongoing class in order to stay connected with the students.


Community of Grace and Growth with Accountability.

Create a healthy community work and living environment.  Practice the 48 hour rule of dealing with conflict, victory stories and catch at least 1 person doing something well everyday and tell him/her and practice “good gossip” by telling everyone else.  Create an environment where all staff help hold all others accountable in a healthy way.  Find a healthy balance between Grace and Growth.


Parent Meetings

Work to create parent meeting schedule, agendas and staff presenters.  Be actively involved at parent meetings and meetings with church and community leaders to keep strong and healthy relationships.

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